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Converting open space into a Corporate space

As more employers think of providing better place to work to their employees and at the same time not building a liability for themselves by owning a property, there is growing trend of rental co-working place. Most important things while designing co-working space are circulation space and privacy. Planning of circulation space is more significant in co-working space, even more than that of restaurant. And at the same time, you have to think of mix of customers, there might be some customers who would need enclosed work area, while some would prefer open work area based on the nature of their company's work.

Currently we are working on a project, where we are providing two conference rooms (extendable), MD's cabin, three enclosed work areas, one big open area, pantry area, reading area, reception area, restrooms with accommodation of 64 work stations in a 35'0" X 80'0" area. It sounds too much to accommodate in 35X80 site. I'll share pictures when it's done, there are a few pictures of work in progress.

Cost, you can save for your client, false ceiling. I know it improves aesthetics but it reduces ergonomics. Without false ceiling, you can provide more open space to employees. Open cafeteria will help you save additional money. Think of re-usability. We implemented collapsible door to merge two small conference into one big conference room. We even arranged second hand ACs for client to save money for him. Think of customized work stations which can be manufactured in factory, rather than buying off the shelves.

How to give Japanese touch to your hotel

NCR is hub for Japanese companies. You have lots of Japanese clientele visiting NCR. If you can give Japanese touch to your hotel, it can be Unique Selling Proposition for you. As I’m working on with my one of clients in NCR who wants to be in that space, I thought of sharing my journey so far. As I’ve been always saying that interior designing is about creating environments for the people who are going to experience them.

We have to understand Japanese culture and traditions at broader level and then we can pick one or two things where we can go deeper depending on the requirements. Idea is to provide an environment they can relate to while they are away from home. Japanese culture has evolved a lot from its prehistoric time to modern time. And beauty is that in their current time too, their culture has strong influences from their historic time. That makes it an interesting case study, as you would have too much to play but at the same time you have to careful with the mix.

First, some information to absorb, which we are going to use while creating environments. Japanese consider only 4 colors as pure colors – RED, BLACK, WHITE and BLUE. Buddhism and Shintoism are the primary religions of Japan. For our consideration, we can take Shintoism as religion which has emphasis on connection between human and nature. Japanese diet consists principally of rice; fresh lean seafood; and boiled or pickled (preserved in vinegar or strong salty water). Based on one survey, most of the population daily watch TV for around 2 hours. Garden architecture is as important as building architecture. Japan is second largest music market in the world, largest in Eurasia. Japanese paintings are mostly on animals, landscapes and figures. Sculptures are mostly focused on Buddha and material used is mostly wood and then bronze and other metals. Japan produces around 70% of total animation.

Now, this is so much to play. You can play with colors, trees, paintings, sculptures, music and food. Very basic idea, if I share, paintings, sculptures and trees can be utilized at reception area and entrance. Again, the mix is important, please don’t clutter the place. It has to be clean and classy. Paintings, sculpture/trees, music and of course food for restaurant. Colors and painting for rooms. Do you know, you can watch Japanese channel in India?


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